The corporate powers and affairs of the Association are exercised and controlled by a Board of Trustees.  Election of the Board of Trustees is accordance with the By-Laws of the Association.

   Officers Trustees  


Ron Jones WE8V

Trustee 2019-21:

Lavergne Pabian N8HLP


Vice President:

Dwight Bonifield W8TJT

Trustee 2020-22:

J. Bret Stemen KD8SCL



Ken Hagans K8DQ

Trustee 2021-23:

Douglas Wright KD8EIK



John Lala KC8MIS

Past President:

C. Weldon Mathews K8NQ


Licking Co. ARES Coordinator:

J. Bret Stemen KD8SCL


N8ARA Trustee:

Earl Paazig W8BR