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Title: ARRL: ARES (COVID 19) Stay At Home Event
Post by: Admin on April 01, 2020, 10:12:34 AM
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Subject:    ARRL: ARES (COVID 19) Stay At Home Event
Date:    1 Apr 2020 09:42:15 -0400
From:    Scott Yonally via VolunteerHub

ARES (COVID 19) Stay At Home Event

Hey Everyone...   This coming Saturday would have been our annual Ohio ARES Conference, but because of COVID 19 it got cancelled for 2020.

Let’s imagine for a moment that things really do hit the fan. The Governor shuts everything down, even more than what he has done already. Nobody moves (except responders). This is a situation where we might easily become very important!

Let’s test ourselves! Instead of having the conference April 4, let’s conduct a drill that would be applied during this emergency, during a blizzard, or any other widespread situation! Here’s the plan:

On April 4th

11 AM: Checkin net on 40 meters 7.240 +/- QRM

11:30 AM: Checkin net on 80 meters 3.902 +/-

12:15 PM: Checkin net on 80 for OHDEN 3585

1:00 PM: Checkin net on DMR Ohio (3139) and Fusion “Ohio Link: 31399

This will be a quick check-in only net, no traffic. It’s just designed to prove we can communicate from home, while ‘locked down’ and still get the job done! Hope to hear you on the air!

Don't forget to register yourself to our Statewide event on ARES Connect.  You'll find it listed on Saturday - April 4th starting at 10am as ARES (COVID 19) At Home Exercise. Let's get everyone on-board with this event!!!

73, and most of all, stay SAFE!