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« on: June 06, 2018, 10:17:17 PM »

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "C. Weldon Mathews" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2018 22:02:11 -0400
To: "Mathews, Weldon K8NQ" <[email protected]>

Hi Folks,

Here's some information from Mike KD8DZ about the COOKEN program for
this Saturday.  Mike extends an invitation to all interested hams to
come to the meeting at noon on Saturday, June 9 . . . or tune in to the
Zoom Conference on your own computer.

It sounds like a good program on Mesh Networking.


Weldon K8NQ

-------- Forwarded Message --------
Date:    Wed, 6 Jun 2018 10:36:20 -0400
From:    Michael Mickelson <[email protected]>
To:    cookenmember <[email protected]>, Fred Nickerson
<[email protected]>, Nick Pittner <[email protected]>,
Weldon <[email protected]>, Tom Foy <[email protected]>

W6BI will present the following program hosted by the COOKEN ARC.  You
may participate in the program by joining the COOKEN Club members at the
OSU Newark Warner Library or view the program on line using your
computer over the internet. See details below for using Zoom
conferencing software over the internet.


*QST de W8TNX,*

COOKEN A.R.C. (see W8TNX on is inviting you to a scheduled
meeting using the Zoom conference/meeting software service.

Topic: Possibilities of mesh networking in Licking County, Ohio, USA,
North America, and Worldwide
Time: Jun 9, 2018 12:30 PM _*Eastern*_ Time (US and Canada)/ 9:30 AM
_*Pacific*_ Time

Presentation: Orv Beach W6BI will be describing how digital mesh
networking has become one of the fastest growing modes in amateur radio.
With the recent capability of moving wireless access points into the
uncrowded adjacent ham radio bands, the ability to create a linked ham
radio "Internet" has become feasible. The network is growing by leaps
and bounds, and can provide services such as text messaging, web-cams,
video chat, email, and VOIP (both dial-up via a PBX and with chat servers).

To "join" this presentation over Zoom, you will need to download the
Zoom client from <>/download
<> (your current operating system should be auto
detected).  You do not need to have a Zoom account, you can just "join"
when given the option.  Once you have your client downloaded, you can
test out your connection and audio equipment at
before the meeting.

*Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android*:

Clicking the above link will start up Zoom automatically (and if you
didn't download it beforehand, it will be downloaded and installed). 
Click the "join" option, enter your name (that will be visible and used
during the Q&A), you will be given the opportunity to test your audio
again, and then connect to the meeting.  The meeting room will be
"opened" by 12:15 to get signed inso everyone is ready for the program
to begin shortly after 12:30.

Please note:  During the presentation, your mic will be muted to not
interfere with the presentation.  After the completing of the
presentation, your mic's will be turned on if you have a question
(you'll have a button that you can click to "raise your hand"and then
you'll be called on for your question/comment). There will also be a
"chat box" that you can use to have your questions and comments recorded.

If you have any questions regarding the use of Zoom, please contact John
Kennedy, [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>for
assistance.  During the presentation, Michael Mickelson from the Newark
club will be your host.

de Mike, KD8DZ

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