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Author Topic: Website Readme  (Read 2979 times)

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Website Readme
« on: May 08, 2018, 12:56:35 PM »

Here's a word about web site interaction available to NARA members and other authorized persons.

An Information Board, a Gallery, and a File Manager are all available to use and share amateur radio-related and NARA information.

The Information Board is a dynamic application that allows the sharing of information using a combination of text, pictures, and/or video.  The board also includes a Calendar for posting events.  In order to post on the Board, you must register.

Where text is not important but pictures and video are important, a Gallery is available to suit that need.  This is typically used for pictoral histories of events.  In order to post on the Gallery, you must register separately from the Board.

Where larger files may need to be shared or archived, the File Manager serves that purpose.  Uploaders can set a uploaded file as 'public' and then a direct URL can be shared for public viewing.  In order to post on the File Manager, you must register separately from the Board and Gallery.  A link to the File Manager becomes visible once you login to the Message Board.

In all cases, registration is pending until approval from the webmaster.  This allows the webmaster to ensure your permissions are set appropriately. Please use your call sign in your registration so your registration can be approved without added delay.  Extra security is applied to ensure only valid users are approved and make sure registrants have read the web site Privacy Policy at and read the web site Acceptable Use Policy at

Any questions specific to the web site can be addressed to the [email protected] or via message using the Message Board or via the Contact page at

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