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N8ARA Tuesday Net at 9:00 PM on 146.88- NARA W8WRP Repeater except last Tuesday of month on 444.5+ NARA Repeater.


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Author Topic: N8ARA Tuesday Night Net Preamble  (Read 5407 times)

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N8ARA Tuesday Night Net Preamble
« on: March 20, 2018, 12:49:44 PM »

 :) [Please note a formatted copy is attached in PDF format. Revision Date As edited April 21, 2018 by K8NQ]

N8ARA Tuesday Night Net Preamble
Good Evening and welcome to the N8ARA Tuesday night net. This net is put on by
the Newark Amateur Radio Association each Tuesday evening at 9pm to ensure
proper operation of the repeater, as well as the equipment of any amateurs in the area. I am your net control this evening. My call is ____________ and my name is ___________.

At this time I will accept mobile and portable check-ins. Please say your call sign, spell it phonetically, and include your name and location. Mobiles and portables
only please.

 (list and acknowledge mobiles/portables, ask if they have an urgent message since they may move out of range quickly)

I will now accept all check-ins. Please say your call sign, spell it phonetically and include your name and location.

 (list and acknowledge check-ins)

(If check-ins are too fast for you to copy, call a [NET HOLD] to give yourself time to catch up. Ask for corrections or clarifications and try to avoid feeling rushed or bombarded. The net should run at your pace and most hams are happy to repeat a call or other information.)

(Once there is a pause in check-ins, begin working the list - mobile and portable stations first. Welcome each check-in and ask for their comments.  Remember to pause every three or four stations to ask for additional check-ins and place them at the end of the list. Continue until you reach the end of the list and there are no more check-ins.)

Are there any additional comments, announcements or queries for the net?

(Pause to see if there are any)

I would like to remind everyone to check the N8ARA website for upcoming activities and events. You may also want to view the message board to see what other members are posting. The website address is:

I will now ask for any final check-ins.

(Acknowledge any check-ins and ask for their comments. When there are no additional check-ins proceed to close the net.)
At this time I would like to thank everyone for checking into the net and hope to
hear everyone next week.
This is __[your call sign]___ returning the repeater to normal use.

Congratulations you have completed the net!
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