Committee Members


Committees 2023 Chair      
17.1 Membership and Attendance Comm. Ken K8DQ Beau KD8FVV    
17.2 Education Committee Earl W8BR Ken K8DQ Thom AD8AG  
17.3 Social and Reception Committee Mary B KD8OMU      
17.4 Repeater Management Comm.  Rush W8ATA Tom WB8YOK Jeff N8ADX  
17.5 Nominating Committee Lavergne N8HLP Mike WD8JLP Weldon K8NQ  
17.6 Public Relations Committee Jeff N8ADX Ron WE8V    
17.7 Finance Committee Beau KD8FVV Lavergne N8HLP Mike WD8JLP Fred NL7CF
17.8 Program Committee Ken K8DQ Beau KD8FVV Jeff N8ADX Ron WE8V
17.9 Emergency Coordination Comm. Alan N8CJ Bret KD8SCL  Lavergne N8HLP  
17.10 Field Day Committee Jeff N8ADX Ron WE8V    
17.11 Web Site Committee Ken K8DQ Beau KD8FVV James W3VPK Earl W8BR - Advisor
17.12 Equipment Management Comm.  Jeff N8ADX Ken K8DQ Mike WD8JLP  
CERT Committee Mike WD8JLP Lavergne N8HLP    



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