Getting started


Congratulations on your desire to become an amateur radio operator!

Step 1 - Examine the Rules -- Title 47 CFR Part 97

Part 97 at

47 CFR Part 97 Amateur Radio Rules

Step 2 - Study the Rules and Technical Material

W8BR Study Guide for Technician Class exams July 2018 to June 2022.

ARRL Licensing - Education - Training
Note: If you are wanting additional explanation for understanding and good reference books to keep, these are the way to go.

Google Search for Amateur Radio Study Guides

NCVEC Question Pools

Other study materials:

Step 3 -- Practice taking some Practice Exams On-Line!

AA9PW FCC Amateur Radio Practice Pages

ARRL Exam Review

Ham Study

Step 4 -- Search ARRL Web Site for Exams Being Offered in the Area

ARRL VEC Exams Search

On-line Exams

Additional Notes:

Amateur Radio Volunteer Instructors and the NARA Volunteer Examiner Team are ready to assist when sufficient need is presented to conduct classes and/or exams.  Further information may be obtained by contacting the webmaster or any club member.




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Getting your license

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