License Exams

In-Person Exam Sessions

The Team usually schedules four (4) exam sessions per year on a 'No Walk-ins / Register or Call ahead' basis.   Planned exam sessions will be posted to the ARRL VEC website at:  Exam Locations

Planned exam dates currently include:

22 Apr 2023, 29 Jul 2023, 28 Oct 2023, 27 Jan 2024... more dates are being planned in 2024

What Candidates need to bring to an Exam Session

*Currently, only cash is accepted by NARA VE Team for the ARRL exam fees.

Be prepared.  As a minimum, a complete Section 1 of NCVEC Form 605 requires the following entries:

Full Name, Mailing Address, FRN, Email Address, Phone Number, Basic Qualification Q&A, Reason for Application, Signature and Date.


On-Line Exam Sessions

Some members of the NARA VE Team also assist established On-Line Teams

Click here for a List of VE Teams that offer Online Exam Sessions


ARRL Instructions for FCC Application Fee  --    New FCC Fees Effective 19 April 2022.



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