NARA promotes the amateur radio hobby and provides repeater systems to amateurs in Licking and surrounding counties. We support and encourage public service & emergency communications, as well as education & licensing.

Your membership helps us to provide important programs and services to our community.

Whether you're interested in basic amateur radio, community service, computers & electronics, or are just seeking mentoring and networking with other hams, NARA membership has something you will benefit from!

NARA offers four membership options. Which one is right for you?
Active Associate Family Student
* licensed amateur * not licensed * licensed / unlicensed * licensed / unlicensed
* full voting privileges * no voting privileges * same address as full member * not more than 15 years old
* eligible to hold office * ineligible to hold office * full voting privileges * no voting privileges
* full access to club resources * full access to club resources * eligible to hold office * not eligible to hold office
* full access to club resources * full access to club resources
$15 / yr $15 /yr $7.50 / yr Free

Membership Application

Dues for all members of the Association shall be payable annually on or before January 31. Past members who have been out of the club more than one year will be considered new members. Honorary members shall be exempt from all dues and fees. Dues will be set before the beginning of each calendar year by recommendation of the Board of Trustees subject to approval of the majority of the membership and shall be paid on a calendar year basis only. Dues paid by September 30 of the calendar year shall be for the present year with any dues received October 1 or later will be for the upcoming year unless the member specifies otherwise.